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National 5 Maths: Master Every Topic
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National 5 Maths: Master Every Topic
Published 9/2022
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Get An Amazing National 5 Maths Grade With Our Comprehensive Course Taught By Experts

What you'll learn
Understand All The Content In The National 5 Syllabus To A High Level
To Achieve An Amazing Grade At National 5 Maths
Algebraic Fractions: Simplify, Add & Subtract, Multiply And Divide
Linear Equations: Straight Line, Equations, Inequations, Simultaneous Equations, Changing The Subject
Quadratic Equations: Solving, Quadratic Formula, Discriminant, Roots & Graphs, Intersecting Lines, Problem Solving
Graphs Of Quadratic Functions: Determining The Equation, Sketching A Quadratic Function, Identifying Features
Lengths, Angles And Similarity: Pythagoras, Shape Properties, Similarity For Lengths And Volume
Graphs And Identities: Graphs Of Trigonometric Functions, Solving Trig Equations, Exact Values, Trig Identities
Fractions & Percentages: Increases And Decreases, Compounding, Reverse Percentages, Dividing Fractions, Mixed Numbers
Analysing Data: Standard Deviation, Semi-Interquartile Range, Scatter Graphs
Other Skills: Gradients, Circles, Volumes, Rounding

Basic National 4 Level Understanding Of Mathematics

Welcome to the most comprehensive National 5 Mathematics learning resource!I'm Cameron, a university medical student and when I was in high school I realised that there weren't any great comprehensive learning resources that were easy to learn from for Scottish students. So with a few of my smartest university friends, we created one.It can be daunting starting national 5's and taking exams for the first time. So we want to make sure when you open your results, that it has the grades on it that you deserve. So with us, you will find learning National 5 Maths easy.Taught By An ExpertTaught by myself and Hayden, who is studying maths at university, we both achieved the top grade in advanced higher maths so we both know the course content inside out. As experienced tutors and students ourselves, we know how to teach the content in a clear way because we were in the same position as you. So most importantly you can easily understand it.Clear Understandable TeachingLearning from textbooks is boring, outdated and simply isn't as effective as learning needs to be - you deserve better. With us, you will learn from high-quality videos teaching all the knowledge in an understandable format that you can watch anytime. It's like having a great in-person lesson where you learn so much, felt involved and didn't get left behind by babbling nonsense - that you can access whenever you need to.Taught using an overhead camera, as we work we give a running explanation of everything we are doing - making it super interactive and easy to follow along. If you don't believe me, give one of our free preview lessons a watch!The typical lesson starts by teaching you a new concept and relating it to any previous knowledge, then going over some exam examples with you. They are built to make it extremely easy to understand tricky concepts!Complete A-Z Of The Official SQA Course SyllabusOur course follows the official SQA course syllabus, teaching the exact content needed for the National 5 Mathematics exam. No fluff, no added content you don't need, just exactly what you need to know taught well.The Most Effective Ways To LearnFor your exam success not only do you need to understand the content but also remember it. Our course is created with the most effective learning techniques proven by science. So you can understand more and get the grade you are fully capable and deserving of!Anyone Can Do ItYes, it is true that some students are just inherently better at maths than others. However, I truly believe, because I have seen it many times, that anyone can get a good grade in national 5 maths, you just need to study it in the right way. By trying to just remember what to do you are fighting an uphill battle you won't win because it makes it really difficult for your brain to remember. Instead, evidence shows you have to understand it, which is exactly what we teach in this course.Trust me......... you can do it too.Students across Scotland have found success with our course and we hope you can too!
Section 1: Introduction
Lecture 1 Introduction: How To Learn Most Effectively
Section 2: Unit 1: Fundamental Skills
Lecture 2 Surds 1
Lecture 3 Surds 2
Lecture 4 Indicies 1
Lecture 5 Indicies 2
Lecture 6 Expanding Brackets 1
Lecture 7 Expanding Brackets 2
Lecture 8 Expanding Brackets 3
Lecture 9 Identifying Like Terms
Lecture 10 Simplifying Algebraic Fractions
Lecture 11 Adding & Subtracting Algebraic Fractions
Lecture 12 Multiplying Algebraic Fractions
Lecture 13 Dividing Algebraic Fractions
Section 3: Unit 2: Linear Equations
Lecture 14 Determining The Equation Of A Straight Line y=mx+c
Lecture 15 Determining The Equation Of A Straight Line y-b=m(x-a)
Lecture 16 Straight Line - Functional Notation
Lecture 17 Straight Line - General Linear Equation
Lecture 18 Straight Line - Finding The Midpoint Of A Line Segment
Lecture 19 Linear Equations
Lecture 20 Linear Inequations
Lecture 21 Simultaneous Equations
Lecture 22 Simultaneous Equations In Context
Lecture 23 Changing The Subject - Adding & Subtracting
Lecture 24 Changing The Subject - Multiplying & Dividing
Lecture 25 Changing The Subjects - Powers, Roots And Brackets
Section 4: Unit 2: Quadratic Relationships
Lecture 26 Equation Of A Quadratic Function - Form 1
Lecture 27 Equation Of A Quadratic Function - Form 2
Lecture 28 Sketching A Quadratic Function - Form 1
Lecture 29 Sketching A Quadratic Function - Form 2
Lecture 30 Sketching A Quadratic Function - Form 3
Lecture 31 Turning Points And Axis Of Symmetry
Lecture 32 Solving Related Problems
Lecture 33 Quadratic Equations - Solving Algebraically
Lecture 34 Quadratic Equations - Using Quadratic Formula
Lecture 35 Quadratic Equations - Algebraic or Quadratic?
Lecture 36 Quadratic Equations - Discriminant
Lecture 37 Quadratic Equations - Roots And Corresponding Graph
Lecture 38 Quadratic Equations - Intersecting Straight Line And Parabolas
Lecture 39 Quadratic Equations - Problem Solving Questions
Section 5: Unit 2: Lengths, Angles & Similarity
Lecture 40 Pythagoras' Theorem
Lecture 41 Shapes And Angles - Shape Properties
Lecture 42 Shapes And Angles - Circle Properties
Lecture 43 Shapes And Angles - Symmetry Calculations
Lecture 44 Shapes And Angles - Circle Dissection
Lecture 45 Shapes And Angles - Polygon Angles
Lecture 46 Using Similarity To Find Lengths
Lecture 47 Similarity - Areas And Volumes
Section 6: Unit 2: Graphs & Identities
Lecture 48 Trigonometry - SOHCAHTOA
Lecture 49 Trigonometry - Sine & Cosine Graphs
Lecture 50 Trigonometry - Amplitudes
Lecture 51 Trigonometry - Periods
Lecture 52 Trigonometry - Combining Amplitudes & Periods
Lecture 53 Trigonometry - Vertical Translation
Lecture 54 Trigonometry - Horizontal Translation
Lecture 55 Trigonometry - Overall Questions
Lecture 56 Trigonometry - Tan Graph
Lecture 57 Trigonometry - Tan Horizontal Transfer
Lecture 58 Solving Trigonometry Equations
Lecture 59 Trigonometry Problem Solving
Lecture 60 Trigonometry Exact Values
Lecture 61 Trigonometry Line Intersection
Lecture 62 Trigonometric Identities
Section 7: Unit 3: Numerical Skills
Lecture 63 Percentages - Increases & Decreases
Lecture 64 Percentages - Compound Interest
Lecture 65 Percentages - Reverse Percentages
Lecture 66 Fractions - Dividing By A Fraction
Lecture 67 Fractions - Operations With Mixed Numbers
Lecture 68 Fractions - Calculations With Mixed Fractions And Operations
Lecture 69 Statistics - Standard Deviation
Lecture 70 Statistics - Semi-Interquartile Range
Lecture 71 Scatter Graphs
Students who are currently learning and will take an exam on SQA National 5 Mathematics

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